Peer-review Policy

The Peer-review process is a very important part of the publication of Akademos. It ensures that the research is of the highest standards and that it adheres to the guidelines of the Journal.

Akademos follows international review standards and processes and it is imperative for authors and reviewers to participate with integrity. Reviewers are the unsung volunteers who put in a great amount of work to ensure the academic and scholarly integrity and record of the work and the journal acknowledges this contribution and regards the review process as sacrosanct.

Review Process

  • Each submission will undergo anonymous peer-reviewing from academics from the respective discipline and area of work. In some cases, two or more reviews may be sought if the first review is found to be less acceptable. The comments and suggestions of the reviewer(s) would be made available to the author as soon as they are received. The author will be required to make the necessary changes and resubmit the article. The article may be sent for review again after resubmission, especially in case the changes are found to be unsatisfactory. The entire process follows a double blind review system, i.e. neither the author nor the reviewer is aware of the others identity.
  • The review reports are sent to the authors but the identity of the reviewers is not revealed. The author will not be given information that will help them to uncover the identity of the reviewer. Any attempt by the author to identify the reviewer and hamper the peer review process is unethical.
  • The Journal does not levy any submission or publication charges.
  • The Editors and members of Team Akademos cannot submit their articles to Akademos during their tenure.
  • The policies of the journal will be reviewed and updated regularly.

All questions or clarifications may be directed to the editors on the journal’s email address: