Akademos 2020

Editor’s Note

The Essence and Appearances of Indigeneity: Politics of Tribal Images and Subaltern Consciousness of Women Tribal Poetry
Anup Kumar Bali


Critiquing Cultural and Climatic Norms for the Disabled in India: Reading Malini Chib’s One Little Finger
Gunjan Kumari


Yagnam: A Nexus of Globalisation and Marginalisation
Joydeep Bhattacharyya


Homestay as a Driver of Sustainable Development Goals in the Himalayan Region
Kalpana Bhakuni and Ashvini Kumar


Digitalization and Culture of Digital Consumption
Madhu Bala


Exploring the Contours of Right to Food in India
Meena Kumari


Exploring Human Rights: A Study of Anita Desai’s The Village by the Sea
Prisha Gupta


From Green Consumerism to Green Citizenship: Understanding the Opportunities and Risks of Green Consumption
Sheetal Kapoor and Parul Tomar


Dualism of Mourning in Manto’s ‘Kali Shalwar’
Takbeer Salati