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Akademos 2023 Issue New

  Editor's Note  
Marginality and Urban Inequality- Livelihood and Aspirations of Low-Wage Migrant Workers in NCR-Delhi 
Archana Prasad • Akademos. 2023: 17-38

Throwing Light on the Shadows: An Inquiry Into The Coaching Industry In India
U B Dhahtri • Akademos. 2023: 39-56

Mirroring the Marginality: A study on coverage of caste in Indian press
Ramesh Aroli • Akademos. 2023: 57-69

Two Approaches to address Inequality: Amartya Sen's Approach and John Rawls' Theory
Yogita Aggarwal • Akademos. 2023: 70-83

Issues and Challenges for Participation of Women in Sustainable Farming and Food Production: A Study of South Asian Countries
Sukanta Kumar Mahapatra and Bijaylaxmi Mohapatra • Akademos. 2023: 84-101

Sāṅkhya's 'Purușa-Prakṛti Relationship': an unsolved quest
Minakshi Sethy • Akademos. 2023: 102-113

Portrayal of the Parsi Community in Contemporary Hindi Cinema
Spenta Jassawala • Akademos. 2023: 114-127

The Media and the North-South Divide: How Asymmetries Impact the Media Narratives in India
Ritambara Malviya • Akademos. 2023: 128-147

Privatisation, Inequality and 'Othering': A Critique of Neo-Liberalism in Arundhati Roys' Selected Essays
Parwinder Kaur • Akademos. 2023: 148-162

Equality Masquerading Inequality: A Case of Pasmanda Muslims
Tahseen Fatima • Akademos. 2023: 163-183

Digital Divide: An Analysis of the Reproduction of Inequality perpetuated by Technology
Shivangi Raj • Akademos. 2023: 184-203