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Akademos 2022 Issue New

Editor's Note

Medium is the Sensation: OTT Platforms on the Smartphone Screen
Aakriti Kohli • Akademos. 2022: 17-46

Online Teaching and Its Impact on Journalism Educators
Jyoti Raghavan • Akademos. 2022: 47-62

Understanding Fake news and Debunking: Study of Reports by Fact Checking Units/ Platforms
Dimpal Gulwani • Akademos. 2022: 63-93

Digital Visibility of Dalits & Claiming of Social Space: An inquiry into display of B.R Ambedkar’s image from the Kannada TV serial Mahanayaka
Ramesh Aroli • Akademos. 2022: 94-109

Global Diffusion through Mass Media and Digitalization: A Sociological analysis of Cultural Globalization
Sipra Sagarika • Akademos. 2022: 110-131

A Comparative Analysis of Electronic Waste Management in India and China
Amit Kumar • Akademos. 2022: 132-152