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Akademos 2021 Issue New

Editor's Note

COVID-19, Critical illness and the Dying Patients: An Approach towards Assuring Dignity
Minakshi Biswas • Akademos. 2021: 15-32

Is my health and personal data really secure in a pandemic? Assessing techno science, risks, and hidden politics of the Aarogya Setu app
Tuisha Sircar and Pranav Menon • Akademos. 2021: 33-59

Impact of Covid-19 on the lives of invisible labour: a study of sex workers in Kolkata
Nibedita Roy • Akademos. 2021: 60-81

Altered Lives of Children from Coolie-Camp, Delhi: Navigating through the Vulnerabilities amidst COVID-19 Lockdown
Rituraj Sharma • Akademos. 2021: 82-102

Neo-Bondage in the Age of Coronavirus Pandemic: A Crisis Experienced by Migrant Informal Labourers in India
Sweta • Akademos. 2021: 103-122

Local Food System and Resilience During COVID-19: Agriculture in the Time of Pandemic and Thereafter
Pushpa Singh • Akademos. 2021: 123-140

Emerging Trends in Rural Employment Structure in India: A Mapping
Reena Devi • Akademos. 2021: 141-167

Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Biotic and Abiotic Factors of the Environment
Renu Soni, Kirti Sharma, Sanchita Kumar and Samira Chugh • Akademos. 2021: 168-192

Mapping the Accessibility of Right to Food through Aadhaar
Meena Kumari • Akademos. 2021: 193-223

Re-inventing the Teaching-Learning Process Post-Covid: Philosophical and Pragmatic Dimensions
Monica Prabhakar and Soma Sengupta • Akademos. 2021: 224-245

COVID-19 Impact on News Media Workers in Delhi, India
Twinkle Siwach • Akademos. 2021: 246-268

Reflections on Gandhian thoughts in a Nation amidst Crisist
Suyasha Singh • Akademos. 2021: 269-291

Covid-19 and its Effects on India’s Labour Market
Mahima Yadav • Akademos. 2021: 292-319