Call for Papers
Team Akademos (ISSN 2231-0584) solicits your contribution towards the next issue of Kamala Nehru College's multidisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal and this year's theme is: Covid-19 and Society: a trans-disciplinary perspective. [Read More]

Akademos 2020 Issue New

Editor's Note

The Essence and Appearances of Indigeneity: Politics of Tribal Images and Subaltern Consciousness of Women Tribal Poetry
Anup Kumar Bali • Akademos. 2020: 15-41

Critiquing Cultural and Climatic Norms for the Disabled in India: Reading Malini Chib’s One Little Finger
Gunjan Kumari • Akademos. 2020: 42-55

Yagnam: A Nexus of Globalisation and Marginalisation
Joydeep Bhattacharyya • Akademos. 2020: 56-66

Homestay as a Driver of Sustainable Development Goals in the Himalayan Region
Kalpana Bhakuni and Ashvini Kumar • Akademos. 2020: 67-81

Digitalization and Culture of Digital Consumption
Madhu Bala • Akademos. 2020: 82-100

Exploring the Contours of Right to Food in India
Meena Kumari • Akademos. 2020: 101-118

Exploring Human Rights: A Study of Anita Desai’s The Village by the Sea
Prisha Gupta • Akademos. 2020: 119-129

From Green Consumerism to Green Citizenship: Understanding the Opportunities and Risks of Green Consumption
Sheetal Kapoor and Parul Tomar • Akademos. 2020: 130-145

Dualism of Mourning in Manto’s ‘Kali Shalwar’
Takbeer Salati • Akademos. 2020: 146-154