Akademos 2018


Editor’s Note

Pleasures of Transnational Cultural Modernity: Consumption of Television Reruns and Fan Practices
Aakriti Kohli, Akademos. 2018: 13-33

Phosphorus: A Limiting Nutrient with Limited Resource
Akanksha Mishra, Akademos. 2018: 34-46

Planning, Economic Development and the Constituent Assembly of India: A Brief Study
Aritra Majumdar, Akademos. 2018: 47-69

The Mythic and Miraculous: The Problem of Gender in Forty Rules of Love
Huzaifa Pandit, Akademos. 2018: 70-88

Examining Sexism and Feminist Self-Identification in Young Indian Adolescents and Adults: Females are Less Sexist but Not Feminists
Itisha Nagar and Roshni Mathur, Akademos. 2018: 89-104

Impact of Goods and Services Tax in India
Mamta Bhushan, Akademos. 2018: 105-128

A Concise History of the Modern Calculus in Mathematics
Pragati Gautam, Akademos. 2018: 129-143

The Geomorphic Regionalisation of Delhi and its Surrounding
Pratibha Bhalla, Akademos. 2018: 144-154

Donald Davidson’s Non-Cognitivist Approach to Self-Knowledge
Richa Kapoor, Akademos. 2018: 155-178

Intermingling Power Relations in The Slave, Dutchman and Mahabhoj
Saheb Kaur, Akademos. 2018: 179-191

Consumer Rights and Measures for Protection in South Asian Countries
Sheetal Kapoor, Akademos. 2018: 192-221

360 Degree Feedback Method of Performance Appraisal in the Corporate Sector – Need and Impact
Alka Agrawal and Shikha Gupta, Akademos. 2018: 222-233

Self-Confidence: A Key to Success in Sports
Shweta Suri Midha, Akademos. 2018: 234-253

On Plato’s Criticism of Democracy: Does the Prescriptive Solution Establish Justice
Simple Rajrah, Akademos. 2018: 254-262

Re-inventing Household Shopping Patterns and Buying Roles: Exploring the ‘New Women’ in Urban India
Soma Sengupta, Urna Sarkar Dutta and Anjan Sen, Akademos. 2018: 263-284

The Ageless Romance: Sexuality and Aging in Cloud 9 and Gloria
Sweta Kushwaha, Akademos. 2018: 285-298

Gauri Deshpande: A Trend Breaker in Indian English Poetry
Nivedita Singh, Akademos. 2018: 299-312

Intensive Farming, Land Degradation and Food Security Issues in India
Hari Ram Prajapati and Reena Devi, Akademos. 2018: 313-330

Market as Contested Space for Consumption
Ritu Shar, Akademos. 2018: 331-342