Author: Shweta Suri Midha

Author Affiliation: Department of Physical Education, Kamala Nehru College University of Delhi


Abstract: : Preparing for sports competitions now-a-days is, more complex and difficult; therefore it requires disciplined training for achieving high standards in sports. Some of the athletes in the world are physically gifted yet, their lack of psychological skill prevents them from performing well in sport.
The most important part of psychological preparation for competition is the development of personality traits necessary for success in a competition. These traits are diligence, perservance, determination, responsibility, emotional stability, self-control, self confidence, calmness and competitiveness. These traits are tested and well formed in competitions The most consistent finding in peak performance literature is the direct correlation between self-confidence and success. Self-confidence is considered to be one of the most prominent traits in successful athlete and it has a remarkable effect on one’s performance as it helps an individual to reduce psychological state such as anxiety and also other similar undesirable symptoms.

Keywords: Self-confidence, sports, psychological preparation, development of personality traits.


<< Published in Akademos 2018 Issue