Authors: Hari Ram Prajapati, Reena Devi

First Author Affiliation: Department of Economics, Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi,  Second Author Affiliation: Centre for Studies in Economics and Planning, Central University of Gujarat


Abstract: Intensive farming is a method of production under which cultivation is practiced and producer tried to maximize yields from available land by increasing ratio of variable factors in per unit land area. Intensification one hand increase per hectare productivity of land and feed the increasing demand of food buton the other hand it poses soil, water and ecosystem health problems. How to come out of these problems which are
facing the world? There is only way to promote sustainable farming practices have less soil and water degradation, organic farming may be help to come out these problems. How organic farming may be solution for soil and water degradation along with food security issues are examined with the help of existing literature.The analysis shows that intensive farming has polluted large extent soil, water and resultant food that are the cause of various human daisies.

Keywords: Intensive Farming, Land degradation and Food Security. JEL Code: Q16, Q24, Q18


<< Published in Akademos 2018 Issue