Author: Sweta Kushwaha

Author Affiliation: Department of English, University of Delhi


Abstract: Representation of aged bodies in contemporary cinema becomes the center of my paper. Through the representation of aged bodies in Gloria and Cloud 9, I attempt to explore sexual agency and how the director and the production team of these films treat its narrative of age. My paper hopes to identify aging narratives in these films and study it vis-à-vis earlier representations of aged bodies in cinema. Visual portrayal of the aged in the cinema has largely treated aged bodies as static, passive and inert without any possibilities whatsoever. My paper is a foray into the desires of bodies that have been rejected culturally and their desire to wrench back that control. My paper then attempts to unravel the (un)disciplining of age in the chosen films.

Keywords: Aging, representation, sexuality, narrative, bodies.


<< Published in Akademos 2018 Issue