Author: Simple Rajrah

Author Affiliation: M.A. International Relations, Jawaharlal Nehru University


Abstract: The paper presents Plato’s criticism of the democratic state as primarily based on three concerns- the incapacity of the democratic soul to become philosopher ruler, the extreme moral corruption of the democratic system and the absolute enslavement accruing inevitably from a commitment to absolute freedom. Next, the paper argues that while Plato’s condemnation of the perversions of democracy seems adequate, the prescriptive solution he offers is extremely totalitarian, and thus ineffective in establishing justice. Lastly, this paper concludes that a complete reinterpretation of Plato’s political theory separating it from the anachronistic prescription must be conducted.

Keywords: Democracy, Plato, political, philosopher king, freedom, totalitarianism.


<< Published in Akademos 2018 Issue