Author: Nivedita Singh

Author Affiliation: University of Lucknow


Abstract: A strong vein of sexuality is what makes Deshpande similar to Kamala Das, but unlike Kamala Das, Deshpande believes that love is bliss and conjugality. In Eunice de Souza’s observation, there is, in the poetry of Deshpande, “a great deal about blood and sweat and clenched teeth, and about “lashing” and “throbbing”, the final effect for the reader is not one of intensity but embarrassment” (de Souza 86). Deshpande explores conflicts, problems and complexities between man and woman. She also explores how marriage creates troubles in life of a married woman and marital bliss in her works. She talked about how marriage turns out to be a suicidal web for woman; they become enslaved by their husbands and marriage turns out to be an unpleasing experience.


<< Published in Akademos 2018 Issue