Author: Archana Prasad

Author Affiliation: Department of Sociology, Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi


Abstract: The experience and opportunities available in cities vary tremendously, especially when it comes to migrants. The question that arises is, “What results in this difference?” And more importantly, does this inequality further aggravate the precarious and vulnerable conditions of migrants, especially low-wage workers? The paper addresses the issue of inequality experienced by low-wage migrant workers living in NCR-Delhi, in the context of available amenities, education, health services, and the social lives of these workers. The paper touches upon the key issue of marginalization of low-wage migrant workers that has further aggravated the urban inequality. An attempt is made to point out the receding role of the State in coming to the rescue of these workers. Conversely, it is civil society that progressively works towards the upliftment of the low wage migrant workers that enables them to fulfill their aspirations.

Keywords: Accommodation, Inequality, Marginality, Aspirations, Migration


<< Published in Akademos 2023 Issue