Authors: Sheetal Kapoor and Parul Tomar

First Author Affiliation: Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi. Second Author Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi


Abstract: Green consumption is closely related to the notions of sustainable consumer behaviour which addresses the environmental challenges through adoption of environmentally friendly behaviours. However, the rising opportunities for profit associated with marketing of green products is becoming a worrisome factor in recent years. Many critics therefore are of the view that Green consumption has lost its vigour as a movement to save the environment in recent years. This research paper based on secondary literature review aims to focus on the derailment of green consumerism movement in recent years with a rise of niche market for green products by focusing on the issue of green-washing. It too offer a discussion on the ways in which this problem can be tackled by developing a pathway to green citizenship that can save this planet from excessive consumerism. It further adds to its discussion by taking into account the factors impacting the sustainability issue directly or indirectly with regard to consumption patterns. Further the major thrust of this paper therefore is to identify important questions stemming from discontinuities in consumption patterns, over consumption to more responsible consumption patterns by following the norms of green consumption paving its way towards attainment of green citizenship. The paper also highlights and discusses strategies for consumers, business houses and other stakeholders for a feasible roadmap towards attainment of Green Citizenship.

Keywords: Green Consumerism, Green Citizenship, Global Warming, Climate Change, Sustainable Development.


<< Published in Akademos 2020 Issue