Author: Suyasha Singh

Author Affiliation: Doctoral Fellow, Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi.


Abstract: The past century has seen development in environmental consciousness. Gandhi’s writing on varied subjects was always interrelated with ethical laws. Just like he believed in the ‘Advaita’ concept which promotes the unity of humans with everything else, similarly the environment constitutes life within itself in holistic fashion without any division. I will explore how Gandhi always strived for an ecological model that promoted mental and physical harmony rather than a profit-making system as it is an obstacle to higher thinking. It will follow the analysis of the path of Swadeshi and Satyagraha as means of passive resistance which are grounded on Satya and Ahimsa entailing conflict resolution to purify oneself. There will be an advocate for philosophical anthropology which is environmentally conscious and alienates unlimited interference of humankind over resources along with an emphasis on female leadership. There is a sense of recommendation to be followed by people for a sustainable and long-lasting plan for life as a whole. These are essential thoughts to build a future.

Keywords: Environment, Ahimsa, Modernisation, Injustice, Coronavirus, Consciousness.


<< Published in Akademos 2021 Issue