Author: Sipra Sagarika

Author Affiliation: Post Graduate Department of Social Sciences, Fakir Mohan University, Vyasa Vihar Balasore, Odisha.


Abstract: Digital culture has emerged as the new tool of operation of modern societies. Societies and its components are so dependent on digital technology that they cannot survive without digitalization. The digital culture has introduced new forms of global cultural diffusions throughout the world. The epistemological understanding of global media diffusion through mass media and digitalization includes understanding of concepts involved in the process, theoretical orientations, and patterns and models involved in the entire process. Digital Convergences and Digitization are the new buzz word in this whole discipline of “Media Sociology” The civilization and cultural changes due to digitalization are systematically analyzed with reference to Globalization. Thus, this paper is an attempt to explore the philosophical, sociological, anthropological and cultural dimensions of digitalization, with reference to existing literature. This is a qualitative study based on secondary literatures.

Keywords: Digitalization, Globalization, Social Change, Digital Convergences, Digitization.


<< Published in Akademos 2022 Issue