Author: Aakriti Kohli

Author Affiliation: Department of Journalism, Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, University of Delhi.


Abstract: This article probes the production of the screen sensorium and media and cultural significance of the concept of play in media studies. The article specifically examines the smartphone screen by exploring the transformation of screen cultures and spectatorship and the changing viewing practices with the coming of OTT, to understand the affordances and limitations initiated by these new modalities of screen consumption. This aspect of play, and the conditions of mediation and its impact on everyday intimate and social life of the audience has been significant. This paper argues that the smartphone screen offers the pleasures of play operating within the regime of sensing and generates new modalities of watching films and television content for audiences.

Keywords: Screen, Youth, Play, Sensing, OTT, Sensorium


<< Published in Akademos 2022 Issue